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Hose Reels

Ruggedly engineered for superior performance and longevity, Levanta’s range of hose reel equipment is second to none.

Levanta Hose Reels not only streamline workflow and increase productivity but also enhance workplace safety and organisation when used in conjunction with Levanta Oil and Compressed Air Systems within a workshop fitout.

They are an indispensable lubrication tool in heavy vehicle workshops, helping to optimise operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall profitability.

Is your workshop equipment up to date?

Why Levanta Hose reels are the preferred choice for professionals
Extensive Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Levanta understands the specific needs of workshops and service centres, ensuring our lifts meet the highest standards

Quality and Durability

Our mobile column lifts are built to last, using premium materials and components. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

Innovative Features

Levanta continuously invests in research and development to bring innovative features to our mobile column lifts, enhancing their functionality and ease of use.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you with queries or support.

Competitive Pricing

Levanta offers competitive pricing without compromising quality, providing great value for your investment.

Types of Hose Reels by Levanta

Levanta Oil Hose Reels are a versatile solution that can be easily integrated into various setups. Whether you’re using it with Levanta Oil Dispensing Kits, Oil Delivery Systems, Hose Reel Stands, Gantries, or Oil Drum Trolley Kits, it ensures efficient and hassle-free oil handling tasks.

Air/Water Hose Reels are an invaluable addition to your workspace, offering reliability and convenience for various applications. Simplify your air and water dispensing tasks with this high-quality hose reel.

Introducing the Levanta Grease Hose Reel Range, where innovation and efficiency streamline your grease-handling tasks. This comprehensive range includes two standout models, each with galvanised connections, enhancing the hose reel’s longevity and resistance to corrosion, thereby reducing maintenance needs.

Grease Gun Hose Reels are a valuable addition to your workspace, offering reliability and convenience for a range of grease handling applications. Simplify your grease dispensing operations with this high-quality hose reel, designed for efficiency and durability.

All Levanta Hose Reels are meticulously designed to be easily mounted to Levanta Hose Reel Stands & Gantries, ensuring a perfect fit and hassle-free integration.

Our Hose Reel Stands & Gantries are designed to ensure that your hose reels remain stable and accessible within the workshop, contributing to a well-organised and productive environment.

Our range of oil tanks and lubrication equipment compliment the hose reels and stands, ensuring you have everything required for efficient maintenance. Levanta’s Hose Reel Stands & Gantries range includes a diverse selection of solutions tailored to your workshop’s specific needs:

Hose Reel Supporting Stands: Ideal for single or multiple hose reels, these stands provide stability and easy access to your hose reels.

Heavy Vehicle 8 Hose Reel Gantries: Designed for heavy-duty applications, these gantries can support up to eight hose reels, offering a comprehensive solution for larger workshops.


4 Hose Reel Supporting Stands: Perfect for smaller-scale operations, these stands accommodate up to four hose reels, optimising workspace organisation.

Supporting Cabinet for 6 Hose Reels: A compact and efficient solution, this cabinet houses up to six hose reels, keeping your workshop tidy and hoses protected.

Supporting Cabinet for 9 Hose Reels: This cabinet supports up to nine hose reels for larger setups, ensuring that your hose management remains streamlined and efficient.

Field Servicing Containers: Fully Equipped Mobile Workshop: These containers are designed to be your on-the-go workshop, equipped with all the tools and equipment you need for field servicing.

Oil Drum Trolley Kits: a double-acting air-operated oil pump trolley suitable for 205-220L drums.

Oil Tank Kits: Levanta’s 1,000 Litre oil tank kit provides a comprehensive solution for your oil handling needs, with all components securely attached to the tank via the supporting bracket for convenience and efficiency.

Mobile Oil Lubrication Skids: Offering mobility and versatility, these skids are equipped for oil and lubrication tasks wherever needed.

What our customers have to say

Very happy with communication with Levanta team members at all levels.
John Fenton
Director – Miniquip (WA)
Your team has been very professional during my dealings and I would recommend them anytime.
Daniel Bryant
Coordinator Workshop – Ballina Shire Council (NSW)
We have just taken deliver of four new Levanta Truck Hoists for our workshop. We pride ourselves on the fact we only use quality we were looking for and met our needs to cater for our busy workshop.
Halls Transport Repairs Dubbo
A huge thanks to Duane for great customer service and fast turn around they are working a treat.
Benjamin Moylan
Working with Levanta was a pleasure. They provided us with two key solutions which enabled us to work together quite smoothly and efficiently. As you can see this is a great end product, so thanks again Levanta.
Nik Katris
Mercedes Benz Castle Hill
Because Levanta were responsible for our entire workshop fitout, we found they were more accountable, they worked better with our builder, and delivered a quality job.
George Severino
Audi Alto Central Coast

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